People are saying …

Jonas is a superb DJ for the creative Lindy hopper. He’ll play really great versions of all the classics. But there are always surprises in his set, always at least one new song I’ll want for my own playlist. He plays with great variety and energy – and to top it all off, he’s a really nice dude. Already looking forward to your next set, Jonas! — Martin Lasthein, Swing teacher 

Jonas is an amazing DJ, he knows how to connect with the dancers since he is a good dancer himself. Always paying attention to the mood and energy of the party so he can interact in the best way possible. Mostly, I love the fact that the last song of each party is a big deal for him. We worked together for Swing & Sail 2017, and I really hope we work together again. — Megky Papageorgiou, owner of ArtVariations and Swing & Sail organizer 

I’ve DJ’d together with Jonas in several events and recruited him to play at Herräng and GBGLX and would gladly do it again! To me he is one of the high standard DJs in Europe – who can read the floor well and adapt to situations that come up. He’s able to play both not well known songs and classics while keeping the flow and keeping it danceable.

On top of this he has a very nice name and one of the most high tech Swing DJ setups I’ve seen! You don’t want to miss it! — Jonas Larsson, DJ Co-ordinator at Herräng 2016

Swing DJ Jonas is one of the most dedicated and experienced DJ’s of traditional jazz you will find in Copenhagen. His devotion to the music and its history is impressive, and his passion for sharing it with others is inspiring. We give Jonas our warmest recommendations. — Kuno & Gosia, owners of Happy Feet Studio

There have been so many great musicians through the years, musical magicians who shared their craft and their passion to the listeners and the dancers. Musicians who helped the dancers get through hardship and sorrows, being able to dance the night away.

Today, many of these great artists are gone, but thanks to the swing scene DJs, we can still get a glimpse of what used to be, being able to share that limitless happiness on the dance floor.

Jonas is one of these great DJs – through his passion and dedication to the scene, we can still feel the beat, we can enjoy the artistry and the true swingin´ tunes of times that will never be forgotten. Thank you Jonas, for giving us the chance to swing out, and swing out hard. Thank you for helping us create magic on the dance floor. — Minou Ericson

Dancing when Jonas is DJ’ing is always a swingin’ pleasure. He has the ability to always both please and at the same time challenge a crowd. Whether it’s on a smooth swaying Lindyfloor at Herräng Dance-camp or a late night jam session of Collegiate Shag which is my own latest experience at Shaggin’ in the Rain 2017 in Copenhagen.

And Jonas is a curious music enthusiast. So you better listen carefully while dancing because often Jonas as found a hidden gem that you might not have danced to ever before but for sure you’ll feel why that song was put on. All the way from your smiling face to your happy feet. — Teis Volstrup, Teacher of Collegiate Shag and Lindy Hop in Copenhagen

One of the top swing DJs in Copenhagen. DJ Jonas never fails in keeping the dancefloor swinging and the dancers happy. — Eiki Gudmundsson

Jonas rocked our boats in Swing and Sail 2017! We spent a week of lindy hop dancing in the Greek islands with Jonas as our DJ and boy did he deliver: 3-4 hour DJ sets every day, always ready to adjust to the mood of the day, never complaining although he had very limited time to rest and to prepare for the next day. I remember him plugged into his laptop while on the sailing boats, positive, smiling and checking the last details of his next set, ready to set the stage on fire in the evening. Jonas, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have you in our event and I hope we’ll get a chance to work together again next summer! — Panos Kafantaris, Swing & Sail organizer

Jonas is a great DJ, he catches the mood and turns it up a notch. He has a fine selection of balboa music in all tempi. We always have happy days when DJ Jonas plays for us! — Louise Holm, swing dancer 

Swing DJ Jonas is a fantastic DJ who has an amazing and versatile repertoire of swing music – and most importantly, the music he chooses always fills the dance floor with happy, dancing people. He really knows how to create a great athmosphere at any dance party and he is not afraid to experiment and play songs that are not too well known. But of course he always treats his audience with lots of the classics too. I can really recommend Swing DJ Jonas for any dance party. And bonus info; he is a great swing dancer and a very nice person too :-). — Mette Vibeke Stæhr

I have known Jonas a few years now. When we first met, he was a new swing dancer in the Copenhagen community. He was curious about the moves and the music. He was particularly interested when there was that special something in the music. Something that got people to react simultaneously on the dance floor. He soon began to DJ at the local social dances, and he quickly found out what songs would fill up the dance floor.

He has now become one of the finest DJs in Copenhagen, and we enjoy having him play for us every time he does so. Whether it is at a weekly social dance or some of the bigger events and workshops in Copenhagen such as LHTA, it is always a pleasure.

I would highly recommend Jonas as a DJ for any swing party, he picks up rather fast what a particular audience prefers, he knows his music very well, and he always makes sure that everyone has a good time on the dance floor. — Pia Kjærulff Jacobsen, Swing -dancer,- teacher and -board member (Hepcats Copenhagen)

Jonas is just what Lindy Hoppers need from their DJ- he plays a great mix of the favourites and introduces fresh, new sounds too. He isn’t chained to one genre – if it’s got that swing, it’s in! Never self-indulgent, Jonas judges the mood in the room well to make sure there is a great atmosphere and a busy dance floor. It was a pleasure to meet such a genuine and talented man. — Fiona O’Brien for the party boat at Swing & Sail, Greece, 2017 

He was the prince of music prep, the king of the cuddles with his wife Lisa, the count of cool under pressure, but most of all he was the lord of love of the music and we all loved him for it. — The party boat, Swing & Sail, Greece, 2017