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A swing enthusiast

Swing DJ Jonas has been the man behind the music on swingin’ dance floors across Europe since 2012. With tunes from musical icons like Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington, Jonas recreates an atmosphere from the golden era of swing for dancers here and now.

A dancer himself, Swing DJ Jonas does not just play music. He speaks the language.

For the fast-paced moves we learned from people like Norma Miller, ‘Shorty George’ Snowden and Frankie Manning to the slower rhythmic blues, Swing DJ Jonas gives it his all. Every time.

People are saying …

Jonas is a superb DJ for the creative Lindy hopper. He’ll play really great versions of all the classics. But there are always surprises in his set, always at least one new song I’ll want for my own playlist. He plays with great variety and energy – and to top it all off, he’s a really nice dude. Already looking forward to your next set, Jonas! — Martin Lasthein, Swing teacher 

Jonas is an amazing DJ, he knows how to connect with the dancers since he is a good dancer himself. Always paying attention to the mood and energy of the party so he can interact in the best way possible. Mostly, I love the fact that the last song of each party is a big deal for him. We worked together for Swing & Sail 2017, and I really hope we work together again. — Megky Papageorgiou, owner of ArtVariations and Swing & Sail organizer 

I’ve DJ’d together with Jonas in several events and recruited him to play at Herräng and GBGLX and would gladly do it again! To me he is one of the high standard DJs in Europe – who can read the floor well and adapt to situations that come up. He’s able to play both not well known songs and classics while keeping the flow and keeping it danceable.

On top of this he has a very nice name and one of the most high tech Swing DJ setups I’ve seen! You don’t want to miss it! — Jonas Larsson, DJ Co-ordinator at Herräng 2016

Swing DJ Jonas is one of the most dedicated and experienced DJ’s of traditional jazz you will find in Copenhagen. His devotion to the music and its history is impressive, and his passion for sharing it with others is inspiring. We give Jonas our warmest recommendations. — Kuno & Gosia, owners of Happy Feet Studio Continue reading “People are saying …”


Coming up:
2018 – Swing Dance Party in Absalon with the Lady Swing Orchestra on February 24 from 21 to 02.
2018 – Saturday Party, March 2, Happy Feet Studio.
2018 – Saturday Party, April 6, Happy Feet Studio.
2018 – Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, May 9-13, SwingShoes.
2018 – The Swing Challenge, September 21-23, Happy Feet Studio.

And not too long ago:  
2018 – LHTA X, Hepcats Copenhagen.
2017 – New Year’s Eve party, Happy Feet Studio.
2017 – Balboa workshop weekend with Gašper and Anni, Balboa Swing Øresund.
2017 – Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, SwingShoes.
2017 – Dansens Dag w. Caroline Vera. Sponsored by Hepcats Copenhagen & SwingShoes.
2017 – Herräng Dance Camp, Staff DJ in week 4 (SWE).
2017 – Lindy-Halbal, SwingShoes.
2017 – Lindy Hops The Atlantic, Swingin’ Hepcats.
2017 – Saturday Party – The Gothenburg Invasion!, Happy Feet Studio.
2017 – Shaggin’ in the Rain, Shagenhagen.
2017 – Swing & Sail, ART Variations, DJ at 6 parties on 5 Greek Islands (GRC).
2017 – Swing Danza Fest featuring Billy Bros and Norma Miller(!), SwingShoes.
2017 – Swing ‘n’ Boogie in Malmö, Swing Station (SWE).

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